baby:m... m...
mom:thank god it's not that meme
baby:just killed a man

Jonathan Groff + silly faces


writing essays more like “ha! it’s a cinch! it can practically write itself- and let’s pray it does ‘cause as i may have mentioned i have no clue what i’m doing.”


what the fuck was that

this was supposed to be a comedy you can’t end it like that that was just heartbreaking



no treble


I think the creepiest thing in the world is what society has done to the word “daddy”

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it’s really funny bc like listening to english majors talk about their classes or projects theyre really articulate and they use complex words and stuff and it’s very prestigious sounding and then you listen to science majors and if theyre just talking amongst themselves it sounds more like “yeah i put the compound in the thing and honestly i was hoping for a little boom but all i got was a sizzle i dont know what i did wrong.”

Musical theater can save you, even if only for two or three hours at a time.


the horror and concentration on his face

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